Use rule

Dear users,In order to protect the common rights and interests of all,Specially appointed website (information system platform),You access or use the site to provide a function means that you fully agree and accept the rules of engagement.

Note: the words used in the website are understood without any special meaning.

1 rules and website functionality updates

Functions and rules of the web may change as necessary,If it concerns user concerns, the website will give notice in advance,And retain change information at the appropriate location.The site may be closed if necessary for maintenance upgrades,The closing time will be notified as soon as possible.

2 account funds

The user manages the funds of his account,User recharge of Web sites,The website will be shared with the trusted funds depository,And publish the agreement or relevant documents with the depository.

3 the main obligations of both parties

3.1 as a supplier, it is obliged to provide status reports during production,Including, but not limited to:

Enough calculation,Estimated shelf life,Time needed for circulation, etc

There is no restriction on materials unless there is a locally recognized classification code, otherwise it is necessary to mix the specified materials when the price per gram is > a certain amount.

Obtain and fund information, such as bank loans

Quality inspection report

Purchase of production materials

Introduction of production

Necessary information in accordance with local regulations, such as production, logging permission

An accident report, such as weather

The necessary insurance for production

Tax situation

Logistics situation

3.2 as a transaction, both parties need to understand the purchase risk well, as well as their own transactions and compliance with Local Taxation,Law,Knowledge of goods circulation,Avoid unnecessary disputes.

4 inspection / receiving process

4.1 when checking, the applicant sends the message to notify the other party.The other party needs to provide a place to save it,Custodian contact information,Check code.

4.2 when the application for delivery, the applicant needs to recharge 1 yuan to the platform,As clear identity information,And express as a will,The applicant needs to provide the appropriate custodian contact information.Delivery code

Note: once you have received the password, you have been shipped by default for a period of time,Normal end.No failures,Indicates that transaction ownership has been transferred.

5 settlement mechanism for transaction disputes

5.1 the two sides can apply for disputes through the platform to each other

After the necessary steps may be made to apply for a dispute with the other party,And give full expression to the requirements and reasons,Reach a settlement as much as possible

5.2 platform provides informal arbitration function

The site will pass the prestigious authority,Or the two parties designated to request the arbitration unit to make a specific judgment on the disputes between the parties concerned,Although the arbitration unit or the corresponding unit of ancillary business,Without the force of law,But it represents the authority of professional organizations,Will provide guidance for the resolution of disputes between the two sides.

5.3 platform to provide privacy applications

After the necessary steps have been completed,If there is still a dispute between the two sides,You can apply for the other party's privacy information,Applicants need to pay a stable use margin,Make sure that you use the privacy of the other party for legitimate use,Upload results for a certain period of time,Return private inquiry margin,Otherwise, the deposit is forwarded to the respondent for its replacement information,Compensation for safeguarding one's own rights and interests.

Note: the information in the operation process is likely to be used as an important reference for dispute resolution,All false information will easily become a negative factor in dispute resolution.Please try to be real,complete,Real time release required information.

6 possible costs

6.1 expenditure when you buy items from other users on the web site

6.2 transaction fees charged by the website

6.3 a small amount of temporary correspondence,Or functional costs

6.4 pay for personalized customization

6.5 there is a possible platform use fee

7 the website has the right to conduct information review during the operation of the rules to feedback to the user and find out the contents of the violation of the rules or agreements.

8 the website has the obligation to comply with all applicable laws and regulations,Regulations and laws operate their business.We are committed to helping all users retain trust and respect.The rule is reasonable.Use our website and must follow at all times.The website has the right to interfere with user information in violation of these rules or policies,May even terminate an account.Any questions about the rules,Customer service staff should be asked,We can provide you with more information about following the correct process,And solve any of your queries.

9 the website is not directly or indirectly involved in the transaction business.





June 2017