User agreement

Dear users,In order to protect the common rights and interests of all,Special use of this website or information system platform (short for website),You access or use the site to provide a function means that you fully agree and accept the following agreement:

1. Unless otherwise announced,All the electronic information on the site, all rights are owned by the site operator,Unauthorized,No one is allowed to use any content on the site.

2. The web site provides functionality that belongs to the nature of information publishing,All information on the site is released by unrestricted users,The publisher shall bear legal liability for all the information provided and uploaded by the publisher.

3. The site operates in a manner that does not disclose the exact user information.

4. The information that users can use depends on the functionality provided by the site,It does not include involuntary mistakes and accidents, mistakes and damage.At the same time, the website provides some customization functions to consider user's usage.

5. The site uses a technology based system that distinguishes user information from the way it is run.

6. The construction of the website depends partly on the technical support provided by the relevant technical vendors,Please understand the possible relevance of failure or sudden major natural disasters (Note: due to the use of escrow funds account for your money and will not affect the website) by adopting the technical scheme of advanced, mature and make the greatest efforts to safeguard the normal operation,Welcome to evaluate website technology and point out improvement suggestion.

7. Part of the agreement is related to the usage rule and the user agrees to use the rules.

8. (Maybe)The platform is based on the level as the core guiding ideology.Main reference: Since the Brinton monetary system, with the economic growth cycle as a level and a subset, the recent deficit scale has declined.Nocie: It is highly probable that the subset will always increase or decrease. Note

June 2017